Welcome to Hero Shop 2.0

We are a small banh mi shop here in downtown LA's Historic Core and neighbor to Skid Row. We are opening as a "pop-up" concept, because what we are doing is experimental. Originally (hero shop 1.0), we aimed to be a "destination" banh mi shop. We sold "chef-driven" banh mi's and sold them at prices not normally associated with banh mi's.  And while the sandwiches were delicious, they ignored the very spirit of what a banh mi is.

Banh mi is food for the people. Banh mi is delicious, fresh, healthy, and affordable. We wanted to reach our people this time around. By "our people" we mean the people who live and work right here, our neighbors - our community.  With strategic sourcing, aggressive pricing, and understanding our neighborhood, we aim to be engaged with the people who live and work around us.

Our goal is to be able to provide a healthy, fresh, quality meal that is delicious and affordable. To our small business owners along Los Angeles Street, in the Toy District, Fashion District and Skid Row. To our professionals who have set up shop here in the Historic Core.  We want to feed you a great meal at a great price.

And this time around, we do not want to overlook the most overlooked in our community. Every day when we come to work we walk right past one homeless person after another. Always faced with the dilemma of how we can avert our attention so that we may not be approached. We have wanted to help, but did not know how best to do it.

Fortunately, there are many people in our community that do know how to effectively help the homeless. We have partnered with such people at the Union Rescue Mission, because we don't want to ignore anymore. Though it may only be a small contribution, we will donate a portion of each sandwich sale to the Union Rescue Mission. Your purchase will go directly to helping the community here in the Historic Core and Skid Row.

And hopefully this time around, we can effectively reach the people right here, our neighbors. And provide something good (and good-priced) for you.

banh mi for the people...